Leaders First is a global membership organisation supporting professionals to expand their business network and to learn new skills.

We have active hubs in the UK, Italy, Russia and the USA. Our global network of members is spread over 20 different countries.

We believe that leaders from different industries can learn from each other. The community of Leaders First includes top managers, business owners, emerging leaders, family business members, investors, family office representatives and entrepreneurs across different sectors.

You can see some of our Members on our Community page.

At Leaders First we understand the practical needs of leaders, whether they are business owners or managers. At the core of the organisation is continuous learning and professional networking delivered in the form of:

  • Educational Events - To inspire and provide information from industry experts
  • Masterclasses - To learn and transfer skills from person to person
  • Roundtables - To network and share experiences among members
  • Leadership Retreats - To transform your business and improve your leadership skills

Our educational programme is designed to enhance soft-skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

We believe that having a trusted business network is paramount for growing and success!

At Leaders First we help to grow leaders with our global educational initiatives, we believe in growth and the power of togetherness. We also believe in sharing and giving back to nature, as we are part of nature and it is part of us. That is why we have partnered with TreeSisters UK charity to work on that together and to grow the Forest of Leaders First globally. To do that, from July 2020 for each new member we will plant 75 trees. Visit this page for more information on our initiative to plant trees.