Bernice Pan

Designer, Entrepreneur, Advocate


London, UK

Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Sustainable Businesses (online) Jun 15, 2021

A creative entrepreneur combining vision, theory and practice, Bernice’s calling is in designing for people. She identified early on, the critical problem of over-consumption and the pressing need for structural change in the Fashion System. She subsequently set her mission to problem-solve from the root: Using design thinking to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, whilst tackling the social and environmental issues endemic in the apparel industries.

Pioneering sustainable luxury since 2006, DEPLOY is a direct-to-consumer brand founded as a strategic action plan to deploy 3600 Sustainability: From its brand pillars to customer offering, zero-waste supply chain, agile retail operation, bespoke and after-sale service, and all the way to education and humanitarian partnerships. The purpose is to cultivate trusted relationships between people who wear, who make, and who design clothes, and between them and their social-environmental contexts. Through the versatile clothing and smart processes DEPLOY create, the brand increases true confidence for people whilst reducing systemic waste for the environment. DEPLOY’s business model innovation completes the full microcosm of a circular economy, fulfilling 13 of UN’s 17 SDGs whilst leading a Fashion Reformation that uniquely pilots Bernice’s vision for a new paradigm of Valuism.

Named sustainable entrepreneur of the year (2020), “Best of British”, and a Finalist at the Drapers Fashion Award, Bernice and DEPLOY’s exceptional approach is widely featured in the global media and forum. A compassionate and eloquent speaker combining industry and academic insights, Bernice is frequently interviewed on the BBC News, Radio and TV programs. Guest lecture engagements include Harvard Business School, London Business School, The Royal College of Art, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology. She is a contributing writer to several book titles including Fashion Supply Chain Management(2012) and Information Systems for the Fashion Apparel Industries (2016).

Originally trained as an architect from the University of Cambridge and the Royal College of Art, Bernice gained her PhD in Design Management & Systems Engineering at Brunel University with her doctoral thesis on Fashion System mass customisation. Her multi-disciplinary approach with expertise in design, strategy, processes, research and innovation saw her steering creative direction, re-branding and business expansion for renowned fashion and lifestyle brands in New York, London and Greater China. Despite her ever-demanding schedule spanning from U.K. and Europe to U.S. and Asia, Bernice continues to personally dress customers, mentor individuals and consult businesses from around the world.

Bernice founded DEPLOY in 2006, co-founded sister brand Hennumi fine millinery in 2008, The WorkWell serviced workspace for SMEs (EC1 Offices) in 2013, The Thinking Women’s Forum in 2018 and The StayWell private retreat in 2020. Her enterprising actions advocate for holistic sustainability and wellness across life, work, cultures and communities.

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