Chiara Pochetti

Institutional relations specialist in image management strategy for public and private profiles, PIERRE Investments&Consulting srl



Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Women First (Geneva) 15 Nov, 2023

Since 2001 Chiara has been dealing with institutional relations and during this period she specialized in strategy management about the reputation for leading companies and for entrepreneurs and politicians men in Italy and Europe.

She began her experience in Tyco Healthcare International, she learned to relate herself with the medical international market.

Chiara increased her background, managing for 13 years the external and institutional relations of italian major infrastructure company (TEM spa/ ASPI spa).

Since 2013 Chiara has had her own company operating by managing the public image of leading entrepreneurs and political figures, has been, and still is, an independent board member for various companies and become a trusted strategic consultant for top manager and international companies.

Chiara is accredited lobbyist at the European Parliament in Brussels and strategic advisor of On.

Carlo Fidanza, head of the party Fratelli D'Italia delegation. Chiara is currently writing her first book “the world is yours”, will be published in 2024 and tale of her story in brief with the aim of motivating the new generations, focus on training, to discover their talents.

Chiara is married and lives in Milan, she has two children, join projects based on psychophysical protection and support for youth distress at the Milan Pediatric House.

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