Clifford J Frank

International tax attorney, UK corporate law advisor and senior partner, LEXeFISCAL LLP

Premium Member


Clifford J Frank is an International tax attorney, UK corporate law advisor and senior partner at LEXeFISCAL LLP.

He has 40 years’ experience as a specialist in international and UK taxation, delivering customised solutions for high complexity client portfolios in the UK, USA and Europe. As a corporate law advisor, he advises clients on the merits of arbitrating before ICSID and ICC, and on resolving cross-border tax conflicts.

Clifford also advises on capital raising, preparation of investment memorandum pre IPO, and on complex corporate law issues arising from the Insolvency Act 1986.

Other fields of practice include partnership and shareholder disputes, commercial contract claims, banking disputes, and Intellectual Property.

He has acted as a tax attorney before the First-tier Tribunal in a complex MITIC case, and is an accredited business disputes, workplace and family mediator.

When he’s not practicing law, Clifford practices speed walking (averaging 4.56m in 1.03 hours). He’s also interested in healthy eating, travelling, training, chess and politics.

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