Marianna Vintiadis

CEO, 36Brains



Public Speaker for Leaders First Impact Leaders - March, 29 (Milan)

Marianna, a Cambridge trained economist, is a co-founder and CEO of the corporate intelligence firm, 36Brains.

After several years conducting research and working in tech transfer, Marianna joined the US corporate investigations firm Kroll, where she rose to become Head of Southern Europe. She left in 2020 to found 36Brains. Grasping the transformative value that big data will have on the corporate intelligence sector, Marianna has set up a budding European champion in the industry, with offices in Milan and Berlin.

A recognized expert in her field, Marianna regularly teaches courses at various universities and holds seminars in Italy and abroad, mainly England and the United States.

Marianna is a member of the Advisory Board of Transparency International Italy, a member of the Executive Committee of the Adam Smith Society and, a director of the ACFE Italy Chapter.

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