Smaranda Jaun

Impact Investor; Chief Investor Relations Officer, Composite Recycling


Lausanne, Switzerland

Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Women First (Geneva) 15 Nov, 2023

Smaranda Jaun is an accomplished investment professional with international experience across investment banking, wealth management, and venture capital. Her expertise covers a diverse spectrum of industries from a financial perspective, including energy, healthcare, media and technology. Her analytical skills enable her to dissect complex financial data and to evaluate a wide range of investment opportunities.

Smaranda has a pro-active approach combined with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, which empower her to articulate intricate ideas with remarkable clarity and attention to detail in five languages.

Following a 20-year long corporate career at prestigious financial institutions such as Carnegie, Pictet and UBS, Smaranda is now transitioning to the world of impact investing and entrepreneurship, seeking the forefront of innovation.

She recently joined the start-up Composite Recycling who's developing a unique process to recycle composite material into glass fibers and pyrolysis oil in a sustainable and economically viable way.

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