BLU Family Office


Blu Family Office was founded in 2010 to manage the assets and affairs of a single-family.

Since then, we have been mandated to help others invest, grow, protect and pass on wealth to the next generation. Blu is a team of dedicated professionals operating out of London, Amsterdam, and Milan. The Principals are members of business families and have first-hand, multi-generational experience in managing complex family dynamics.
We work with our clients to find comprehensive solutions to manage all the risks associated with wealth as efficiently as possible, applying our three-stage process:

  • Structuring – Determine the most optimal tax & legal structure to hold the assets.
  • Planning – Prepare for future liabilities, needs, wishes, and income requirements.
  • Investing - Implement the most optimal investment strategy.
Our aim is to grow your wealth over time, whilst protecting it against large losses. The most effective way of accomplishing this is to invest across assets that bear different risks and hence behave differently in times of adverse market conditions. Our approach is to break down the entire investment universe according to the different forms of credit and price risk. Price risk is the value of an asset changing, whereas credit risk is the borrower's ability to repay a loan. Implementing our unique investment philosophy, we provide exposure to all the different types of risk for maximum diversification and generate returns by efficiently earning the risk premiums that arise from lending, asset growth, market movements, and opportunities. We focus on reducing the total cost of exposure (TCE) to investment risk when executing transactions.
We don’t take any unrewarded risks by overpaying for investments we could otherwise source more cheaply. We carefully select the individual strategies, products, and instruments specific to the six categories of risk:

  • Family Office Ethos with Institutional Quality
  • Strong alignment of interests by investing alongside our clients
  • True risk diversification, resulting in higher net returns and lower drawdowns
  • Focus on minimising the total cost of implementation without compromising on quality
  • Exposure to investments, strategies, and products otherwise inaccessible
  • Capabilities of principals with multi-generational experience managing investments