Leaders First is an invitation-only membership

To join, you need to receive an invitation from
an existing member and your application
requires an approval by Leaders First.


We offer different tiers of membership, each designed for specific needs of individuals and organisations. We bring a powerful network of members together to share and to learn skills required for leadership roles.

Key benefits of the membership:

  • Full access to events of Leaders First
  • Free access to roundtables, webinars and selected events
  • Professional networking
  • E-learning via online academy
  • Special rates for certified masterclasses, retreats, and coaching
  • Personal and business branding
  • Business development opportunities

To join Leaders First you can apply online. Your application requires an approval by Leaders First. We will not take payment until Membership has been approved. The minimum duration of the membership* is 12 months.

To give back to nature we have partnered with TreeSisters UK Charity. For each new member we plant 75 trees. For more information on this initiative, please visit the Forest of Leaders First campaign.

* T&C apply